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Has the click algorithm taken over the world?

When we consumed free online platform and speech services the tech humpers needed something to sell. General technology rule is simple;

if it's free then YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

They want your attention and eyeballs, granted this is not a major revelation. What may be to some is the 'data driven business' or 'productivity culture' impregnated our businesses and news as a rapped consequence. They birthed the unholy baby of cancel culture and large scale group think.

The more you interact with technology the easier it gets to find the latest stories from Hence data driven news means everyone including the disenfranchised cover the same stories. The information on what you are supposed to think is of course designed for their segment of eyeballs.

My working theory is that we are in fact seeing a 'tuned' system. Drawing focus on issues and excluding others for a reason. In search of more addicts and more powerfully addictive hits. We engage therefore it hits with more potent drips. If the machine is the drug who is the dealer? The data opium factory is controlled by people and forces yet unnamed. The zealots whose aim is all power moralize their filthy lucre as follows"

'Give me all your power and I will heal the world.'

So what then do we say to the make money via a new data driven model, sure we can use it to make money. And it may work for a time, but the cost will be the people inside organizations and consumers unwittingly manipulated into strictly linear tribalism.

We can see it now, the world is burning and folks are starting to clump together for the upcoming light show. It's gonna be a spectacle.

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