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Moral Systems as Economics

Interesting though not unexpectedly, leftism and by extension its earthiest cosmology requires an entirely materialist moral system that is at least on the surface 'scientific'. They as Marx and Engels once articulated in times long past, place on 'science' the monumental task of explaining all things in the world. The explanation is not to exclude morality as their required belief in evolution as creation and purpose sees evolution as a call to human purpose. So, then they took the empiricism of Adam Smith and blended it with the older philosophical traditions of economics to reframe history as an evolutionary struggle of classes patterned after their view of nature. Known as evolution through the waring of opposing forces (they call it dialectics).

This histrionics of leftism cannot see beyond a false dichotomy of oppressors (property owners) and oppressed (non property owners). The American economic system of the early 20th century, and the industrial revolution that swept Europe provided sufficient proof that right to property was not exclusive the 'rent seeking class' but rather a possibility for the prudent, wise and hardworking folks open to personal sacrifice. So a morphology was required to maintain relevance, and communism with it's Hegelian roots started its never ending stream of criticism using false dichotomy based dialectics to attack the roots of Christian Constitutionalism. The presumption being that any system where outcomes differ from person to person is inherently unfair and flawed. They also refuse to acknowledge the correct application of Christian charity or Gods law of abundance as a direct solution to their grievance narrative. Furthermore, in an effort to hide in plain sight the hideousness of the philosophic necessities of leftism in general, they use 're-definition' as opposed to neologisms preferred by those seeking clarity and truth. The functional result are fewer of the rising generation ignorant to original intent as an interpretive option of history or governance. What then is to become of these, the newly cast illiterates who view pseudo dialectical as real dialectical and rhetoric as 'personal truth'.

Fact is Marxism and Socialism wage an ideological and psychological war before they instigate a physical one. The American memory is too short to remember a time just one generation ago when socialism meant anti-social, and so they ascribe charity to the uncharitable and label real charity with hate. They have a morphologic marketing program targeted always at the corruption of beliefs and institutions.

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