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Conservatives are the Schmucks

In continued pacing rants at the dinner party analogy developed on my podcast today, Dinner for Schmucks came to mind. "Conservatives" are the schmucks invited as a joke for elites to observe and tease. Conservatives fail to see themselves in the comedy of manners. Etiquette and the tastes of polite society are defined by the elitists who hate us. The interconnected hive mind of bathhouse elites usurped culture through the ritual abuse of the schmucks seeking their approval and credentials. As such the potato sacks seeking invitations to the wizard hosted dinner party are the schmucks. Who determines whats polite? Those who own the liberal arts, and folks that ain't us. So reject their Polite Moralism, they don't believe the crap they say anyway. They only agree out of etiquette, they don't want to live the way the preach either; after all living what they preach is for schmucks.

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