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It is known as a "confidence game"

Blacks law dictionary defines:

Confidence Game- A dishonest trick played on someone in order to cheat the person out of money; specific., a means of obtaining money or property whereby a person intentionally misrepresents facts to gain the victim's trust so that the victim will transfer money or property.

Confidence Man- a swindler who performs the confidence game con. (For more reference material a digital friend shared this book)

Fauci is far from the only confidence man to emerge since the pandemic started. He is far from the first to make a splash as a 'trustworthy public expert' or 'celebrity intellectual'. What is important to know is that the con has been around a loooooong time, and the pattern is consistent across multiple areas of public funded non-sense. He is merely one confidence man in a large confidence game organized to the benefit of a few at the expense of many.

The confidence man is the center of gravity for the con and is necessary for successful execution.

Be warry of who has public confidence, they are ideally positioned for benefit of a con. Be warry of the trust given because.....lab coat........title.......credentials; they hide the con from those that lack skepticism.

Be courageous in calling out the bloviating ramblings of a man seeking confidence for gain. Be warry of the expert paid to speak 'facts' for profit. Show compassion for the deceived but firmness in the truth. Focus the energy of your rhetorical mockery at those who deserve it, the confidence man.

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