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Maybe they are just Gullible.

It's rather easy in the new divided America to assume that the broader left have ill intentions considering most of their positions are 1) anti-human, 2) anti-American, 3) anti-constitutional. Many, myself included have long presumed ill intent based on a handful of 'hot topic' issues and a their staunch commitment to falsehoods, logical errors and deception.

That said, in recent months I have come to accept that the GOP party-line also includes a stubborn commitment to similarly deceptive and illogical positions. Most of which are based on the worship of GDP over the moral character of the nation.

The threat to our nation has never been outside our borders but squarely inside our borders, and the corruption of its people, a corruption of its morals, and corruption of its families. To quote Ezra Taft Benson one of the great statesmen of his time our enemies are and have always been of these three threats:

1. They are threatened by well-meaning but uninformed people who see the shortcomings of our economic system and believe they can legislate them out of existence. They try to reach the promised land by passing laws. They do not understand our economic system and its limitations. They would load it down with burdens it was never intended to carry. As their schemes begin to break down, more and more controls must be supplied. Patch is placed upon patch, regulation is added to regulation and ultimately, by degree, freedom is lost-without our desiring to lose it and without our knowing why or how it was lost.
2. Our heritage of freedom is threatened by another group-self-seeking men who see in government legislation a way to obtain special privileges for themselves or to restrain their competitors. They use demagoguery as a smokescreen to deceive. These people have no love for freedom or enterprise. They would bargain away their birthright for a mess of pottage. They would learn the value of freedom only after it was gone.
3. A third, still much smaller group is dedicated to the overthrow of the economic and social system that is our tradition. Their philosophy does not stem from Jefferson, but is foreign to our shores. It is a total philosophy of life, atheistic, and utterly opposed to all that we hold dear as a great Christian nation. These men understand our system thoroughly--and they hate it thoroughly. They enlist innocent but willing followers from the uninformed and the unprincipled. Through rabble-rousing and demagoguery they play upon the economic reverses and hardships of the unsuspecting. They promise the impossible, and call black white, and mislead with fallacies masqueraded as truth.

-An Enemy Hath Done This, p.26-27-

The graph proves out Elder Bensons theory as to the ultimate threats to our freedom were foreseeable and unchanged. The groups of gullible and well-meaning voters that fail to understand our traditions. Interestingly, the gullible and complacent have chosen to believe the lies of those that HATE OUR TRADITIONS, OUR PEOPLE and OUR CHRIST.

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