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Racial violence is not a one side phenomena

When I first heard about the Zebra killings I was floored. Like most 'normie' millennials I had never been told of rampant racial violence ever committed in history by any group other than whites. So to find a real example so close to home was jarring and enlightening. The examples provides two historic realities overlooked by most. The first, diversity+proximity leads to violence. The second, then institutional government power still had some objective sense of justice. The perps of that period were often treated as murderers, post color revolution of 2020......I doubt it.

Washington DC confirmed this week what many have postulated for years, that our ruling elite have finally found unity. Our government institutions and associated 'powers' are ruled a bifactional uniparty who protect violence perpetrated by the 'color revolution' to subjugate American Nationals. Finally, the white knight finger who has failed to contend with leftist violence has been shown as it points back to velvet rope respecting nationals. The party of muh....constitution has shown that they are unwilling to fight, and are pro American in word only. They will not stand with nationals defending their will, constitution, families and faith against the ever growing blob of mammon.

Elite congress asked for nationals to storm its doors when those pretending to preserve truth, failed to fight for it. Instead turning in their white knight pointed finger on the group silenced, ignored, debased and reviled. The constitution and will of the people has been usurped by those that would sell patriotism for a few shekels of silver. And yet the bad guy is the one who after trying every legal means designed in the system has failed to be heard or find relief. There is a revolution in our midst, not one of destruction but one of restoration. And we can see now that the only answer is to tear down and restore what had always been intended.

Remember that the seemingly inevitable conflict will be racial as much as it is ideologically justified. Once the identarian left set the color revolution in motion there are no non violent options historically that put that gene back in the bottle. Where and when the new Zebra team re-energizes its slaughter is but a reconciliation council away.

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