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Real history is a lack of innocent nations

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Fred Reed one of the columnist's I drive by read on occasion. His latest article paint in clear detail the realities of victims and heroes in history. Even the historically curious will observe the same pattern as an almost obvious constant.

There are no innocent 'victims' in history. Every people is engaged in the cycles of conflict, war and empire find themselves as perpetrators of cruelty and the innocent victims of its retaliation. The thought is a good reminder now on how easy it is to create a blood feud. Evil perpetrated against the innocent for the crimes committed by another. Hence the need now more than ever to hold people accountable for their own sins and not for those of their father or brother.

Generational, racial or other forms of group guilt or group victimhood lead to blood feud road. And well the propaganda engine that is the most powerful war engine has been drumming the beat of blood feud for decades now.

So as we prepare ourselves for the inevitability of conflict remember that justice can only visit the head of a guilty person.

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