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Sovereignty Rabbit Hole

I have been headed down some Alice in Wonderland stuff on the natural law that governs Man and Woman. Needless to say I like many have always considered the "sovereign citizen" movement to be the libertarian version of burning man. And there would appear to be a number of objectivist hippies in the group. What was more surprising is how much I have learned about the tactics of the devil. The devil is master of contract and works through the method of consent. The devils domain is the world of commerce, and we are bodies that interact but are not of it. Below are some ways the devil and his agents seek consent and agreement.

1) Conditional Agreement

2) Express Agreement (The Government knows it will never get so they don't even try)

3) Implied (Almost all contracts with the government are considered implied)

4) Verbal-we often make this mistake through polite compliance.

They would have us forget that governments govern by 'CONSENT', we need to be wise and savvy about how and what we consent to. I discovered that we do have the power to negotiate with government, being that we and it are on the same footing in the law. I also re-discovered that the rights of Man are above the power delegated to government.

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