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The Devil is Their Daddy

The idea behind our governments creation and the constitution is to establish an order powers and their appropriate separations, checks and balances. The important concept I wanted to highlight here is that Rights under our constitution are granted to man from God not Government. As such the role of Government is to use force in the protection of God given rights. Since in our world governments were created by Man no powers can be delegated to governments that a Man does not himself posses. To magnify the concept, a man cannot go to his neighbors house and use force to steal property and give it to another. It makes it no more legal if I grab 5 neighbors together and hold a vote on who's stuff we take and who it gets redistributed to. So then neither can we through the powers of a vote steal from one to give to another.

Since man cannot delegate powers to government that are greater than his own, what then are these government granted rights (i.e. Civil Rights)? Well the government cannot grant nor create rights it creates benefits and privileges. They use an old trick called equivocation to fool the addled masses calling privileges and benefits rights. They have used the same such tactic on equity which means nothing of the racial variety sold by communists to plunder the independent.

The leftist belief that government is the owner and distributor of rights is an inversion of our relationship with government and displaces God. Hence their near fanatical obsession with atheism, they need Government to have the supernatural powers of a god to give and takeaway freedoms and property. So if you were wondering why all of the sudden it seams like the wicked are driving the government short bus, it's because they are. They want government to govern them so they don't have to govern themselves.

So again call evil by its name, call them wicked who live in the state of worshiping the government god. Better yet make fun of their obvious attempt to steal from another because they lack the confidence to build for and govern themselves.

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