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The difference between revolution and rebellion

Long has the left chanted for a revolution that no one took seriously, they are rightly labeled rebels. What makes a revolution legitimate vs. evil? When are 'We the People' authorized by God and natural law to expunge government?

Jefferson provided thoughtful clarity to the topic and associated moral principles. Of his many quotes the below is thoughtful and pulled from an article written in a Church magazine in 1976.

A couple of questions are worth pondering during this time of civil unrest that help us decide for ourselves how far exactly should we go. The question after should is always how far?

  • Does he (who is asking for revolution) represent a minority point of view disguised as the will of the people?

  • Does he represent the desires of the whole better than the lawfully elected representatives of the people gathered in our legislative bodies?

All asks for fight in government are justifiable met with skepticism. however, the decision to embrace conflict when it is right....that is the call of the good and righteous among us. The degree of flagrant corruption, fraud and evil pervasive in those that rule brings historic contemplations inevitable. Hopefully, we as men, women and people are wise in answering the questions our forefathers once had to ponder.

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