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The ruling elite....and everyone else.

Most things in nature and life have a cyclical round to them. Some are seasons when the sun

tells plants it is time to bloom. History even one as young as our own reflects a similar pattern. Angelo Codevilla describes the cycle of ruling elitisms and its deterioration as cyclical in his writing's

. He like many have been making the ongoing, call it criticism or observation, that the ruling elite in the here have been evolving a language and culture and values that are far removed from those they presume to rule. The have with increasing boldness presented disdain for the culture of those who are not part of their dinner party list. They believe themselves arbiters of the moral standard for some time, rather than the employee's of those they govern. The "American people" in their mind is limited to those that share in their ideological presumptions of PEDO ( Progress, Equality, Diversity, Open Mind); pun intended.

The schism between the ruling and the ruled reached new heights of self-righteous hypocrisy when blatant fraud tainted the last election. In a republic the vote and its integrity is the firewall protect us from revolutions and war. However, likely not for the first time, but the most blatant in memory that was violated by the ruling elite who saw the will of the people as a threat to their power. So they like has happened many times in history have chosen to abrogate the vote of the people and instill their will as supreme. Their vision is short sighted. If American's are unable to change government through the vote process, what means are left to instill change? What of the social contract of 'consent' to the governed exists if non-consent is not honored?

The answers are obvious and the use of corpocracy as thinly veiled government governing through corporations has now unveiled its clumsy and blatant bias for elitism. Corporations are not A) Private or B) people. As such they don't have any constitutional rights, hence their preference for a government that likewise holds people in the same category as 'juris persons' (corporations).

What makes this time special in my eyes is the overlap of two circular rounds: The first being the ruling elite being a separate and distinct group with different habits, tastes, preferences and culture from those they rule. The second being the fall of empire; nations once united must divide.

What means and persuasion is necessary for the naturally conflict avoidant 'average' to make the mental shift to dissolution and restoration is required is yet to be seen. The blow on January 6th has set a determinate course towards the dissolution of the American empire and likely the creation of new independent nations. The nationalists and patriots still need a leading voice as a persuasive focal point to act as the tip of the spear. Who then will become the Thomas Payne of this new generation? Only time can tell....until then enjoy the ride and be of the prepared few who 'saw this coming'.

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