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The unholy marriage of Government and Corporation

There is really nothing to add to the excellent article. The government, at least here can't do a few things so it (like mother England) uses corporations chartered in its interest back by government military and law to do what it can't be seen doing. Pretty simple really, we fought a revolution over it. What makes this new iteration so interesting is the 'stealth' of it and the scope of it and the number of gullibles still blind to its reality.

Free-trade absolutism leads to open borders and the destruction of real capitalistic markets. Capitalism is not corpocracy, neither is it financialism, neither is it mercantilism all of which require an oligarchic governement for them to exist. They require the destruction of meritocracy, the explosion of competition limiting regulation. Most importantly of all credentials, certifications, limited personal liability and culture at the expense of community. Again the picture of the real relationship comes back to mind, what are we really dealing with here?

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