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They Hide Behind Polite Lies

How do we get what is polite? What is good etiquette? The left elites own the liberal arts education pool, it is in the study of say humanities that young minds are taught the germination of cultural norms. The original idea behind teaching such studies is to preserve culture from one generation to the next. When we took on the bathhouse intellectual movement liberal arts took on new purpose and as such created new definitions for what is ‘polite’ and good/bad etiquette. As a result the wizard class has learned to identify one another through the conformity to the new definitions of polite etiquette. The problem expressed by those they rule over is that the new definitions were written by Marxist Sodomites to destroy logos-based epistemology. Hence whey “Dems are the real racists” and they are hypocrites doesn’t work. The wizard class has rejected logos as a requirement in the development of etiquette. In polite society they don’t care about contradictions between ‘beliefs’ and ‘acts’. As such any effort to describe them as hypocritical is wasted breath on the logos bankrupt.

What then are we to do, how then are we to contend with them in the public square? The answer is to have better epistemology and to directly attach the moral presumption of each new sanctimonious declaration of ‘polite kindness’. A good example laid out in an excellent article by Eric Striker is the liberal elites unwillingness to place their children in racially integrated public schools despite lobbying for their creation. Granted this is only one example but it’s a salient one. So how should Americans contend with such the hydra they are? The answer is simple, attack where the point will hit the hardest. Integration of schools and forced racial integration is immoral, and so are they. Go after their self-deluded sense of polite moralism and call evil by its name. Call the act immoral, cause it is, call them the moral pygmy’s for want to coerce. Call them the social pariah of vampires that should be silenced who’s ideas should be locked in the bathhouse. If they are the wicked, unfit to lead say it.

The next step is the most important, develop thick skin 'cause they are going to point and shriek. They will lie, cheat and steal to silence those that cut to the quick. Be resilient and embrace the conflict, most important of all is never apologize.

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