We can’t out-argue zealots.

Trump the symbol of populism has exposed the real owners of power. The leftist deception that they speak truth to power is laughable in light of the last 4 years. Furthermore, ideological rejection of natural laws spans both the right and leftwing as a disease. No man is an island (that is to you right-wingers), and no there is no such thing as equality in nature. People do in fact have limits, many heritable others circumstantial. The disproportionate success of some lineal groups often carry a heavy hereditary component.

The article I read today helps to highlight what is beginning to feel like an organic movement. Heritage Americans are returning to small homogeneous communities for protections against authoritarian aggression of the left. I believe such attitudes which include by necessity some sacrifice by current generations of parents is likely to accelerate due to necessity. I share hope with the author that it will be embraced and successful.

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