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When men were manly....

I fall into the same camp as many who view boomers as a generation that on the whole failed. They failed in some key areas:

1- Choosing money over community, country or family. They were the first generation to choose to uproot and move for economic opportunity. The effect was fairly immediate being that they had higher divorce rates than all previous generations. Their decisions economically destroyed the small town and have lead to huge outsourcing efforts once the boomer age become predominate decision makers.

2- Failure to teach the skills from their childhood to the next generation. The perfect example of such in the meme above. This travesty has led to generations with a general lack of self sustaining confidence. Anxiety ridden millennials who fear standing on their own since they lack so many critical independence skills. The consequences here can see in the generalized infantilism of men across the country.

3- Large scale rejection of religious tradition. I give the boomers a big break here since they were also assaulted by the failings of their leaders. Ultimately however, the Woodstock generation doubled down and bought into the large scale propaganda engines taught in the education system. Namely villainizing Christian males, feminisms claims about the nuclear family, the rejection of moral absolutes, and color revolution. The fruits of these instigated heresies are as expected, dissolution of traditional families, identarian conflict, loss of unifying traditions and values and wars with no defined criteria for success (i.e. all isms).

Debt however, is not something we can place squarely on a generation. It was something created in secret to enslave a world and a people. Debt made the boomers rich since they were the first to be inaugurated into our debt currency system. The decision however proceeded their time. The blindness to their role in its growth and the effect it has on later generations while frustrating is at least expected. They have the most to gain from its continuation despite it's ruinous reality and predictable catastrophe.

So the answer in my eyes isn't "Ok Boomer", I believe the answer is "your right millennials are a nightmare, because well you were terrible parents".

Boomers, a generation of bad parents.....because.....selfish.

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